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Professional Creative Writing, Copywriting Services, Advertisement Business Writing

Our Valued Business Writing and Creative Writing

Is a Proven Approach for Delivering Compelling Copy to Your
Customers for all Online and Offline Needs

Copywriting Services

We write copy that serves both its twin purposes: reader reaction and top 10 rankings:

  • Creation of Irresistible Offers
  • Fresh, Unique Content
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Copy
  • Persuasive Headlines/Subheads
  • Proven Selling Techniques
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting
  • Split-Run Tests
  • Unique Selling Points (USP)

The most important 9-word sentence in advertising is...?

"A gifted product is mightier than a gifted pen" - Rosser Reeves. The product should always be the star of the ad, not the writing itself.  Most businesses make real money on repeat business.  While a good copywriter can make a prospect interested enough to try a product, he or she cannot make that customer buy it again - only you and your product can.  A professional creative writing company who specializes in advertisement business writing and copywriting services, understands this and it is their job to uncover the product's advantages, benefits, unique selling points and red shirt.

Creating irresistible offers & providing newsworthy content.

You can begin increasing product, service and brand awareness today with high quality public relations, persuasive sales materials, effective SEO copywriting, PPC advertising, social media engagement  and other types of multi-channel marketing.  Our copywriting team can work with you to develop strategies that press your prospects' hot buttons, cause sales explosions, flip setbacks to appear as positive promotions, increase newsletter subscribers and dramatically expose your fresh content to the world.

Essential copywriting principles we always keep in mind.

Whether it's writing copy for direct mail pieces, ppc ads, for SEO rankings, a book, movie script or anything else; you only have a few seconds to gain the interest of your potential customers and even less if on the web.  Without compelling copy, your design and products will be lost in translation.  Unique, intriguing copy takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.  So the the next time you prepare your advertisements, remember Mantic BBS and don't just settle for ho-hum copy.


***Professional Creative Writing, Copywriting Services, Advertisement Business Writing***
Take Our Word For It, We Write For Them Making

Making It Easier To Read Then Ignore

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