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Q. What is your overall experience in marketing?

A. The staff of Mantic BBS jointly have combined experiences in multi-channel marketing, which includes but is not limited to: branding, product line development, business planning and budgeting, strategic consulting, marketing analysis, competitor research, all creative work both offline and online, mailing list purchasing and direct marketing, e-mail marketing, event and tradeshow coordination, street level promotions, media planning and buying, printing procedures, photography and videography, computer programming and html, online offline integration, business and creative copy writing on all levels, corporate social responsibility, tracking and conversion analytics, Internet and search engine marketing (SEO, PPC, SMO, CSEs) and more. 

Our graphics team can help with all creative work including logo/tagline design, corporate identity packages, print/collateral material, Web design, marketing presentations, page layout, flash animation and everything else in between.  We also have illustration and multi media artists who are skilled with working with their hands to deliver you these alternative and exceptional pieces of art. 

Q. What distinct strengths does Mantic BBS offer?

A. We value ourselves as a marketing company whose primary focus is ROI.  We frown upon Web designers who can create attractive Websites but have no experience in making it convert and work for you, copy writers who can develop well researched content but have little understanding of how to cause reader reactions, Internet marketers who pray on your underdeveloped knowledge to make you think they are doing the right thing for you online, graphic designers whose skills are rudimentary and were never taught what professional branding is or how to adhere to professional design standards, and programmers whose work is less than efficient and constantly breaks down. Most importantly is that we aim to provide all of these improved services and we do so at affordable costs and fast turnaround times.  The Mantic Approach remains: "Agency-level quality, pricing and flexibility of a freelancer”.

Q. What industries have you worked for in the past?

A. We deal with companies who desire excellence and second-to-none reliability. We work with all industries, company types and personalities. Our range includes both small and big businesses who advertise to the mainstream public as well as niche markets.  Our client list has included optical supply distributors, chemical cleaners, luxury bag and luggage manufacturers, comic book and toy resellers, luxury real estate agents, outsourcing firms, SEO and web design companies, fundraising organizations, local tea party coordinators, event and wedding planners, luxury beauty care retailers, replica art wholesalers and more.  If you are interested in case studies or specific examples of our work, please contact us.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Although Mantic BBS was newly formed in January 2008, our talent ranges from mid-level professional with 5+ years of professional experience to our high-level senior staff with over 30 years in both a corporate or consulting capacity.  We work hard to carefully match your needs with the most appropriate members of our team to ensure budget control, efficiency and the quality of work that you desire.

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Q. What is your fee structure?

A. We can work with your company in one of several ways. (1) We can examine your current design and marketing programs, and give you a proposal outlining what areas we think can be improved. You can then implement our recommendations yourselves with or without our guidance. (2) We can work on a task by task basis as you assign them to us. (3) We can give you a quote on specific marketing initiatives — a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program, E-mail Marketing Campaign or Website Design job for example. (4) We can be relied upon as your full service marketing partner this year or other designated time period, help plan your marketing budget and strategy, and manage the entire implementation process.  Mantic BBS offers package discount deals, a price match opportunity and loyalty dollars that can be cashed in for additional services.

Q. How do you get paid?

A. Since every job is unique, our payment requirements are determined on a case-by-case basis.  Typically speaking, we ask for a down payment when working with new clients.  The down payment is usually 50% for smaller jobs and for larger jobs that can be broken down into milestones, we usually request 1/3 down. Once trust is developed and good working relationship is formed, we tend to become more lenient and allow you to pay only after following approval of work.  All-in-all we are just looking to protect ourselves while still keeping your workflow consistent and forever moving.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

A. We sure do.  A link to our Five Star, 100% Guarantee is displayed on every page of our Web site for this reason.   We will never promise something we don’t intend to commit ourselves to.

Q. What is your price match opportunity?

A.  We will MEET or BEAT any reasonable price. Click here for full details.

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Q. Why do you choose to offer multiple services instead of specializing in just one?

A. We believe we are above average, if not the best, in all that we do.  Our products and services were designed to work together and in order to provide the highest level of affectivity for you.  We do not currently and will never short change one area to compensate for another. If you have any doubts, we recommend you speak with us immediately!

Q. Can you manage an entire marketing program (budget, planning and implementation)?

A. We would love to sign on as your marketing partner for all your planning, budgeting, strategy and implementation work.  As your source for all marketing initiatives you will receive and enjoy priority care, second-to-none customer service, constant and consistent updates and contact with our project and client management team, and of course seamless integration of all your offline and online objectives.  With us handling your complete design and/or marketing program, you are guaranteed first class value and the highest ROI possible.

Q. What is the easiest way to get started?

A. Simply fill out our FREE Quote Request Form, e-mail us or call us directly to get started. Whether you know exactly what you need or want done and just need us to handle it, or you have no clue where to begin – our staff will be ready to assist in every way possible.  Based on your goals, questions and/or concerns, we can work together to make any necessary improvements, timely and cost-effectively.

Q. Is everything done virtually or can we meet in person?

A. While we have been able to and will continue to deliver exceptional results and great custom service over the phone and through e-mail, we do understand any wish you have to meet in person, especially when first signing up to work with us.  If you reside in the Long Island, NY region or surrounding area, we will be more than happy to visit you at your office or location of choice.  In time, Mantic BBS expects to grow and make this same opportunity and accomodation available for all nationwide.  Otherwise you can always reach us at our easy to remember phone number: 1-877-GO-MANTIC (466-2684) or e-mail us and we will prompty reply.

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