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Fine Art Illustations, Mixed Media Artists, Cartoon Illustrations

Stunning Fine Art Illustration and Mixed Media

The Means to Inform and Entertain Your Audience Through Clever
Visual Manipulation and Quality Artistic Designs

Mixed Media Artists

Let us illustrate your story today with:

  • Advertisement Illustrations
  • Cartooning and Characture
  • Intricate Designs
  • Logo Design
  • Modelling and Sculptures
  • Murals or Canvas Paintings
  • Product Illustration
  • Sketching / Mockups
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Mixed media artists for mixed minds.

We want people to react to our unique personalities, our perceptions and our hard work.  You strive to be noticed and illustrating how we feel is sometimes the only way to succeed.  Whether your in the market for a wall mural for your new building or shop, logo design, cartoons illustrations, drawings for advertisement pieces, or an elaborarate sculpture for your architectural development or interior space - we can help turn your story into a narrated, illustrated and beautiful piece of art.

Defining beauty with illustration artwork.

Fine art illustration and mixed media artwork has been used for years to clarify complicated concepts, entertain audiences of all ages and make people stop and think..."magnificent".  Visual mediums can take on the form of painting, drawing, modelling and sculpting.  We can use these traditional methods to convey a very powerful, yet pleasantly light appoach to marketing your products and services.


Your location, our talent and their changed mindsets.

When you hire Mantic BBS for your fine art illustration and mixed media artwork, you are guaranteed an experience graphic illustrator, painter or sculptor with a strong understanding of light and color, who can capture all the impressionistic, realistic, interepretive and personal attributes you desire.  You will receive an intricate style of mixed media that begs for exploration and brilliant pieces that embody true excellence and elegance.

***Fine Art Illustations, Mixed Media Artists, Cartoon Illustrations***

Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,
Don't Just Speak Them, Illustrate It!

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