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E-mail Marketing Services, Bulk Email Campaigns, Email Newsletter Designs

A Proactive, Complete E-mail Marketing Program

will increase your response rate by over 300%


The benefits of email marketing and why you should start today:

  • It's Effective - turn your prospects into loyal customers
  • It's Affordable - a great return for minimal investment
  • It's Immediate - generates an instant response
  • It's Measureable - see who is opening your emails and what links they click on
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You get more out of your business with e-mail marketing services.

With bulk e-mail campaigns you can quickly and cheaply inform your customers, introduce new products and services, present promotional offers, get feedback, request testimonials, create word of mouth advertising through referral programs and more.  You can use e-mail newsletter designs to increase exposure, demonstrate expertise, help improve product and services, cross promote and up-sell.

Building a total e-mail program and response system.

E-mail is said to be one of the most powerful marketing tools today, meanwhile very few companies get it right.  Creating a successful e-mail marketing campaign and program involves consistency, great promotions, attention-grabbing subject lines, personalized message and URLs (PURLs), A/B split tests, understanding email spam filters, spam and privacy laws, feedback loops and more.

The many types of e-mail programs to consider.

The days of a generic, bland e-newsletters developed by your Web programmer are  far gone.  A successful and complete e-mail marketing system should include one or more of the following:

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery (your highest return opportunity)
  • Customer Service Emails (problem-solving and help desk solutions)
  • Lead Follow-Ups (utilizes the proven steps of the sales cycle)
  • Reactivation Emails (incentive programs for return customers)
  • Thrust Emails (periodic promotions and company info)
  • Trigger Emails (automatic follow-ups based on a users action)

***E-mail Marketing Services, Bulk Email Campaigns, Email Newsletter Designs***
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