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Social Responsible Organization and Charitable Causes

There are endless definitions for the phrase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and even more so the beliefs on how it affects the purchasing decisions of consumers and business owners alike. At Mantic BBS we find the best definition to be:

"the act of doing business in a way that maintains or improves both the customer's and society's well-being."

And can include one or more of the four kinds of responsibilities or dimensions: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic.

According to Cone, Inc. and their 2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study, the following statistics were found after surveying American consumers:

  • 74% expect companies to join conversations about their corporate responsibility practices happening on new media.
  • 82% want companies to report on their social and environmental issues and progress.
  • 81% want companies to talk openly with nonprofit organizations or government agencies.
  • 80% want companies to advocate about important social or environmental issues.

With Mantic BBS you can help protect our planet and contribute to other charitable causes. With every order you place, we will donate 1% or more of the proceeds to select charities, helping to improve the world and change people lives.  For us this is just the first step and we look to make future improvements. We are doing our part. Are you?

*For more info on the  2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study, please following the link.

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*For more information on the charities we contribute to or to recommend specific ones you are interested in, please contact us today at: