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Establish the Perfect Marketing Plan,
Implementation Strategy and Tracking Measures

a realistic business approach

Strategic Marketing

Branding, mult-channel marketing and online/offline integration for success:

  • Analysis of Industry Dynamics
  • Apply the 80/20 Pareto Theory
  • Capture Growth Opportunities
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • Consistently Run Split-Tests
  • Diagnose Sales Problems
  • In-Depth Competitor Research
  • Realign Branding & Messaging
  • Track, Benchmark, Adjust
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Benchmarking and planning is going to be your crystal ball.

Developing strategic marketing plans that include past result analysis and showcases a straight forward, reasonable approach for future marketing activities, is critical to your success.  As your business marketing company, we look to partner with you to search out and take advantage of proven advertising principles and introduce clear-cut strategies for increasing productivity, exposure, multi-channel marketing, conversions, ROI and how to consistently track results.  We will build business and reduce advertising costs three-fold: thorough competitor and market research, a perfected marketing plan and cost-effective implementation processes.

Multi-channel marketing is your best multi-vitamin defense.

Employing a wide-range of professional marketing campaigns through multiple advertising channels is guaranteed to provide the greatest opportunitiy for impact.  By integrating online and offline marketing efforts; email marketing campaigns, direct mail programs, tradeshow presentations, Search Engine Marketing (such as SEO, PPC, SMM and CSEs) and more, you will begin to see more traffic to your Web Site(s), an increase in leads and sales, higher return business and ultimately a improved ROI.

Remember the 4 P's (Product, Placement, Price, Promotion).

You must get all 4 right!  The right message, to the right person on time, consistently and not let up.  On average it takes 7 times of repetitive exposure to a product, service or promotion before a person commits to a purchase.  With  the  right resources and a solid strategy to make cost-effective improvements, you can begin expecting better results.  For a suite of resources, tools and insight that will accurately evaluate current trends, report on promotional deficiencies and exploit your successful marketing initiatives, while removing or improving those underperforming, trust in Mantic BBS. We also offer the most cost-effective email and on-phone consulting in the industry.


***Business Marketing Company, Marketing Research, Marketing Plans, Web Marketing***

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